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03-Jun-2017 00:43

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The instant communication of social networking sites is very similar to that of texting and instant messengers.

As a result, people are more inclined to use the same kind of short-hand abbreviations and 'net-speak' that can drive others crazy.

Combined with the desire to validate your existence through the online currency of 'likes' and positive feedback, these two factors can cause envy and lead to depression.

Frequent users of social media have been found to be 2.7 times more susceptible to depression compared to users who use such sites less frequently.

I laugh thinking about it considering my undergrad degree--you cannot change the behaviors of people. An app will not change men and women from both sending graphic messages and unwanted grossness in their very first messages who live in Madison, Chicago, and Twin Cities. Its same description you write in here the one im talking to.

People with more liberal-leaning philosophies tend to be friends with other liberally minded individuals, just as more conservative users tend to surround themselves with other conservatively minded users.