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Sussex's motto, We wunt be druv, is a Sussex dialect expression meaning "we will not be pushed around" and reflects the traditionally independent nature of Sussex men and women.

The round-headed rampion, also known as the "Pride of Sussex", was adopted as Sussex's county flower in 2002.

The first known recording of this emblem being used to represent the county was in 1611 when cartographer John Speed deployed it to represent the Kingdom of the South Saxons.

However it seems that Speed was repeating an earlier association between the emblem and the county, rather than being the inventor of the association.

Most of Sussex lies in Hardiness zone 8; the exception is the coastal plain west of Brighton, which lies in the milder zone 9.

Rainfall is below average with the heaviest precipitation on the South Downs with 950 mm (37 in) of rainfall per year.

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North of this are the rolling chalk hills of the South Downs, beyond which is the well-wooded Sussex Weald.Ditchling Beacon (248m) is the highest point in East Sussex.At 113 kilometres (70 miles) long, the River Medway is the longest river flowing through Sussex.The sunshine average is approximately 1900 hours a year, this is much higher than the UK average of 1340 hours a year.

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Most of Sussex's population is distributed in an east-west line along the English Channel coast or on the east-west line of the A272.The name derives from the Kingdom of Sussex, which was founded, according to legend, by Ælle of Sussex in AD 477.

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