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28-Nov-2017 22:36

Maybe because of the smoke smell but unfortunately a big NO for me.

However does have longevity and silage This one sprays on.the dry-down of Adam Levine for Women....which is a good thing !!!!

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I love the scent and I have enjoyed it since it launched. Anyway, that scent would have been FB worthy for me without hesitation.The fragrance will be available as 30ml (1 ), 50ml (1.7 ) and 100 ml (3.4 fl.oz) EDP, and 15 ml (0.5 ) pure perfume, with matching fragrant body care collection.The bottle draws attention with its simple, yet very elegant lines.Two sprays of Sensuous last me well over 8 hours on skin, (longer on clothes). I just find it way too sweet, another example of the current trend.

Sillage that rests close to the body, enhancing the scent of one's own skin in an indeed, utterly sensuous way. Based on all the notes this one should be one that I`d instantly like. As it progresses into the drydown it develops into something a bit more bearable - probably as the honey fades - but I would never pick it for myself and if I got it as a present I`d pass it on as soon as possible.someone who likes sweet and gourmand. At first I get a slight white flower note and then I am blasted with a smoke smell on my skin.Then it turns old, plastic and sickly sweet soap note, then more white flower and woods & powder.