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3D Modeling and Design Optimization of Rod Shaped Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuator, Siul A. Matters, Ph D A Closer Examination of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act: A guide for the 1980s, Ronald Brown A comparison of beliefs and attitudes about body image, eating and weight between incarcerated and non-~incarcerated females, Anne R. Magnus A Higher-Order Sliding Mode Three-Axis Solar Pressure Satellite Attitude Control System, Keum W. Singh Alkali-~Activated Fly Ash Binders: Feasibility as a Sustainable Alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement for Pre-~Cast Systems, Kimberly Sierra A Longitudinal Examination Predicting Emergency Room Use in Children with Sickle Cell Disease and Their Caregivers, Ronald Brown, Mark Connelly, Carrie Rittle, and Barbara Clouse File A Look Inside the Gambling Mind, Alex Genov, David Levesque B. 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A., Serge Sevigny, Christian Jacques, Isabelle Giroux, W. Reed Early Initiation into Gambling Among Boys and Girls with Conduct Problems: A Prospective Study, Renee A. Paster Environmental and Social Determinants of Youth Physical Activity Intensity Levels at Neighborhood Parks in Las Vegas, NV, Courtney Coughenour, Tim Bungum, and Lisa Coker Evaluation of Two Surface Sampling Methods for Detection of Erwinia herbicola on a Variety of Materials by Culture and Quantitative PCR, Mark P. Hartwell, Sydney Smith, Lia Nower, Jose Garcia, Lia Nower, and Linda De Vries File Gambling and Sports, Dominic Cortis Mr, Kevin Krieger, Justin Davis, Jonathan Mercier, Serge Sevigny Ph. D, and Isabelle Giroux File Gambling and the Golden Years: Problem Gambling in Older Adults, Kim Stansbury, Blake Beecher, Nigel E. , Jean Ling Lee, Sasaki Kazuaki, and Day-Yang Liu File Gaming Operations Research, Sarah Tanford, Brian J. Bokunewicz Ph D, Felicia Grondin, Rummy Pandit LPD, Toni Repetti, Ashok K.

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