German dating courtship and marriage

06-Sep-2017 22:36

I found this extremely shocking, whilst insightful to read.

Here is a summary of some of the things I read: These examples are not isolated cases, there are so many examples of this on the internet, and what’s funny is that many of the stories quote things that the men have said to them, and they all say things that I have myself heard from Gambian men!

During our courtship and the early days of our marriage, Janet was such a warm loving companion. Her eyes flashed across the headlines and started down the page as she took a sip of coffee.

All of a sudden, she spewed the coffee from her mouth as her eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets. " she cried out as her eyes were transfixed on the article about Robert Toldson's murder. There was nothing I needed to say to her about the subject.

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The security guards must have seen us entering the building through the side window.

**************************** Let me do some introductions at this time.

My name is John Cannela, all my friends call me JC.

It could have been submitted in several other categories including Reluctance / Non-consent. *************** I was dressed for work, sitting at the breakfast table with my cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. There was nothing different about this morning to distinguish it from any of the previous work days in the past year. The article said Robert Toldson was an employee of the Calcus Realty Agency. There was no reason to read any more of the newspaper.

He had been beaten and then strangled with a garrote.

Janet looked as if she were about to vomit as she quickly rose from her chair and ran to the bathroom.