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25-Jun-2017 21:30

When I was done showering I did the usual girl things, oiled my kitty, after shaving makes it feel really soft and smooth.

I then got dressed in a sexy dress and garter outfit for the night.

It was supposed to be for my husband and here it ended up being for some guy I had never met. Then he asked me to his towel off, so I did and to my surprise this guy was very hung.

My husband had always said I needed to try a big one some day because my he is only a small kind of size. I almost said no way but it really excited me to think of having that cock inside me.

So to sum it all up all your married ladies out there, if your husband is willing to let you play with another guy give it a try and see what you are missing.

I never thought I needed that until I tried it and am very glad my husband did that for me.

Ladies if you have any questions or comments please leave them or ask I would be glad to answer them for you.For a year or 2 during our lovemaking we have talked about the possibility of me being with another man, and my husband would say that sometime for my birthday he would get me a guy when he finds the right one.So last August my husband set up a weekend in the Twin cites for my birthday.My husband says to me “Baby, here is your chance if you want go ahead and enjoy this guy.

It’s ok it’s your birthday, we’ve talked about it enough and it’s ok.” I was so nervous.

I caught my husband on this site and now have seen where he gets some of his idea’s from.

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